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Wheelchair adapted transport
Norwich Avenue, Chadderton, Oldham, OL9 0BA

Venue notes

Please note that emails may take a while to be answered whereas phone calls are usually instantly answered between the hours of 7 am to 10 pm.

Contact phone

07766 405 042


Any age

Opening times

Monday to Sunday 7am - 10pm

Cost details

Prices are agreed before your journey whenever possible


We transport wheelchair users in Oldham and surrounding areas. Transport can be arranged if you live outside these areas.

Wheelchair Adapted

With rear access to the vehicle and plenty of room we cater for most sizes of wheelchair. The position of the wheelchair when fully clamped is alongside a seat which friend or carer can use.

Travel With Friends

With seating for 6 passengers plus wheelchair you can safely travel with friends and family and there is still plenty of room for luggage if you are going on holiday.

Two wheel chairs

I recently (June 2018) purchased a new Vauxhall Vivaro which has been adapted to take two wheelchairs.

On a day to day basis it is set up to take one wheelchair and 6 other passengers. To accommodate a second wheelchair more seats have to be removed so this can only be achieved with advance notice.

We transport wheelchair users in Oldham and surrounding areas. Transport can be arranged if you live outside these areas, please phone for advice

Travel Vouchers

To qualify for travel vouchers you must:

  • Be registered as blind
  • Get Disability Living Allowance (DLA) with the higher rate mobility component
  • Get Personal Independece Payment (PIP) with the enhanced mobility component
  • Get higher rate Attendance Allowance
  • Get War Pensioners Mobility Supplement

If you don't get any of those benefits, but you can't walk 100 metres, or climb steps of 30 centimetres – as long as a doctor confirms this you can apply.

You can't use vouchers if you already have a National Concessionary Travel Pass, or a Concessionary Plus Pass.

For more information and to apply for vouchers please go to

Updated: 13/10/2021