Special school and college
Students have a wide range of health conditions, often combined with learning and behavioural difficulties.
St Piers School & College, St Piers Lane, Lingfield, Surrey, RH7 6PW

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01342 831202
Ofsted URN: 125453

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From 5 to 25 years old

Opening times

52 weeks available

Cost details

Subject to comprehensive individual assessment


St Piers School and St Piers College provide services to children and young people between five and 25 years of age. Students have a wide range of health conditions, often combined with learning and behavioural difficulties.

We have the facilities to offer places to individuals that are non-weight bearing. Many students require high levels of care, often on a one-to-one basis. Young Epilepsy's dedicated and experienced staff are experts at dealing with the health, educational and emotional issues faced by children and young people.

We offer all the support we can to help the young person develop as an individual and transition to their next placement.

Ofsted Good in both School & College Education
Ofsted Good in Residentail Special School & Children's Home
CQC meeting this standard in all all areas inspected

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Updated: 20/04/2023

Referral details

Initial contact should be made to the Education Liaison Service team, who will manage the referral process for anyone wishing to use our education, health and care services. The team gather information so we can understand your young person's needs. Our multidisciplinary team assess the documentation following which an informal meeting will be arranged. When a residential placement is sought, we invite the young person for a two day assessment which involves attending the school or college and spending an overnight stay on one of our residential houses. They would join in the evening activities with other students. When a day place is sought, the young person is invited to attend a two day assessment. This involves attending lessons and undertaking activities with students of a similar ability. The young person is also assessed by our therapy and medical teams. This allows us to fully understand all their needs and how we would support and develop the young person. Following the assessment, the family will be advised of the decision. If appropriate, a funding request would then be made to the local authority.