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Raise the Youth, 54-56 Holmeswood Road, Great Lever, Bolton, BL3 3HS


From 11 to 25 years old


At Raise Education and Wellbeing school we value and support learning; instilling pride in our school, our community and ourselves and recognising the worth of each individual.

Our mission is to ensure our Young People acquire knowledge, skills and abilities that will enrich their lives and enhance their ability to contribute to the community by engaging in a meaningful educational experience, appropriate to each Young Person.

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Andrew Connell

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1204 431 946

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Buisness Manager

Venue notes

This is our main education centre although we do have a number of learning hubslocated across Oldham, Rochdale, Salford and trafford. Where to find us- We are located on the ground floor of the block of flats on Holmeswood Road, next a park. Our entrance door is located next door to the chip shop.

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For referral information please contact Andrew Connell on 01204 431946.

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Not had first inspection

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Raise Education and Wellbeing School specialise is supporting children and young people with social, emotional and mental health difficulties aged 11-25 years. Raise EW School have designed their curriculum, workforce, to resources to ensure we help remove the barriers to our pupils' learning and progression and fully meet the needs of our children by consistently take into account the ages, aptitudes and needs of all pupils, including those with an EHC plan so that they can reach their full potential. We provide a person centred approach throughout their learning experiences with us so that all pupils can gain the knowledge, skills, to values to equip them for life as British citizens. Our assessment and marking policy and procedures (please see Assessment and Marking policy 2016) ensures that we can ascertain the needs of our pupils and provide us with the necessary information to enable us to consistently meet their needs.

Local Offer contact

Andrew Connell

Local Offer phone

01204 431946

How do you identify special educational needs and disabilities?

Here at Raise education and wellbeing school (EW) we specialise in working with children and young people with social, emotional and mental health difficulties and when young people are referred to Raise SEND has already been identified. Young people will already have or are undergoing statutory assessment of a statement or EHC plan.

How do you support a child with extra needs?

The wide range of information collected during the initial induction will be used to create an individual education plan (IEP) for your child. This plan works as a planning, teaching and reviewing tool which enables us to focus on particular areas of development. They are seen as a working document which can be constantly refined and amended.

How do ensure a child’s education meets their needs?

We have designed our whole curriculum, workforce, to resources to ensure we help remove the barriers to our pupils' learning and progression to ensure we fully meet the needs of our children. The curriculum for each student precisely matches the requirements set out in his or her statement/EHC plan and takes into account the ages, aptitudes and needs of all pupils so that they can reach their full potential. We provide a person centred approach throughout their learning experiences with us so that all pupils can gain the knowledge, skills, to values to equip them for life as British citizens.

How will we know my child is progressing?

Your child's growth is our main focus and we have numerous resources which allows us to identify and track their progression. Whether that be in education, health, work or social relationships, we look forward to witnessing your child overall growth together.

How will you support my child’s overall wellbeing?

The wellbeing curriculum has been designed to meet the needs of our children and young people, listening to the views, wishes, feelings and experiences of their parents, carers, to significant others. It's especially focused upon promoting the spiritual, moral, cultural, to physical development of children and young people, to to ensure they have the necessary skills, knowledge and values to become a happy, safe, successful, to contributing citizen in modern day Britain.

What specialist services and expertise are available?

- ;Pastoral Lead & School counsellor - ;Social worker - ;Substance misuse practitioner - ;Crisis Intervention worker - ;Wellbeing and behavioural professionals - ;Youth workers and life coaches - ;Specialist Healthy lifestyle professionals - ;Specialist Criminal Justice professionals - ;Specialist Speech and language therapist

How are staff trained on extra needs?

Raise EW School has a strong commitment to continuing professional development (CPD) for all its staff. The senior management team will ensure all staff undertakes regular SEN CPD delivered by the Head of Learning/SENCO and our local Educational Psychology Service. We have a strong leadership team who have experience in recognising and working with young people who have a wide range of additional challenges and they provide mentoring to all staff, 1-1 monthly supervisions and staff training days to extend professionals knowledge.

What activities are there outside the classroom?

- ;Daily visits to Total Fitness – evening and weekend access available to all students - ;Jump Nation trampolining trips - ;Evolve Parkour and OCT Centre at MediaCityUK. Parkour and free running, freestyle fitness OCT (Obstacle Course Training), trapeze, personal training programmes - ;Outdoor vocational work experience classroom - ;5-a-side and freestyle football tricks at Soccer Dome, Trafford and Premier 5s, Bolton - ;BMX and cycling at Manchester's Olympic standard velodrome - ;Air tunnel flying at Airkix - ;Challenge4Change activities build teamwork and problem solving skills in a fun and safe indoor assault course environment - ;Visits to Octagon Theatre, Bolton, plus other Manchester theatres and cinemas - ;Golfing and pitch and putt - ;Thai boxing and mixed martial arts at various certified centres across Greater Manchester - ;Educational trips to farms, seasides, museums and many more

How will you support my child's needs?

We provide a personalised compassionate environment where young people have time to overcome the challenges they have faced in other educational settings. We provide: - ;Transport to and from the education centre to encourage attendance and attainment - ;A welcoming and non-judgemental team and environment - ;Smaller classes to encourage interaction and maintain attention - ;One to one sessions with their care mentor - ;A reward scheme to promote positive behaviour and attitude - ;A healthy breakfast and lunchtime shared in a positive social and emotionally warm environment by young people who can also take part in preparing meals. We consider this to be an excellent pro-social experience - ;A variety of peer mentors of all ages, gender, backgrounds and professions - ;Lessons and activities created with their individual needs in mind - ;An ‘expanded learning' timetable built to ensure productivity - ;Opportunities to develop new skills; football, music, media, landscaping or construction and more - ;Off campus activities for new experiences encouraging positive lifestyle choices outside of Raise such as trampolining, theatre and bowling - ;Full access to the local gym at all times of the day, involvement in a variety of sports such as football, boxing, dance and theatre - ;Resources and opportunities to develop their skills for future career options, including work experience in construction, mechanics, music, social care and hair dressing - ;Inspiring workshops delivered by local businesses and role models; Barclays life skills, Tesco Farm to Fork - ;Belief, drive and motivation from staff, young mentors and previous service users who are now a part of the Raise team

How do you support children when they start and leave?

- ;You and your child will be given the opportunity to come in and look around, meet staff and other young people. - ;The member of staff who will be picking up your child will come and introduce themselves. - ;Your child will be assigned a learning and development mentor who will provide 1-1 support from the minute they start school. They will support, listen and guide them in all aspects of their lives. - ;The induction process will not only be an opportunity for us to get to know your child, but for your child to get to know us. Providing them with information, to answering any questions they may have to familiarise themselves with Raise.

What is available to help my child with their education?

A wide range or equipment and resources which are listed in the local offer document you will find on our website.

What support can I expect for my child?

Wrap around care to support all aspects and challenges they face within their lives.

How will I be involved in my child's education?

Your views are taken into consideration at all times and every effort is made to ensure that support is planned in consultation and agreement with them. Annual Review targets and IEP targets are written in agreement with the Learner and they are involved in their ongoing review with you. We value the contribution that you make and believe that the most effective way of working with a learner identified as having Special Educational Needs/Additional Needs is where the families and school work in partnership. You play a vital role and it is therefore important to ensure information is accessible, that you feel welcomed into the school and that your views and contributions are sought and encouraged. Daily communication is offered by calling the office or even speaking with the member of staff who picks and drops off your child. You will be kept informed about your child through contact via phone calls, letters home regarding progress, provision and IEP's. We encourage you to keep in contact with us via email, telephone calls and/or meetings, including meetings held in the Young Persons home where this is deemed appropriate. Your will be invited to academic reviews and Annual Reviews of statements/EHCPs and are encouraged to make a full contribution.