Health and Social Services | Oldham Council
Group of Oldham women
Empowering women through involvement
Medtia Chambers, Level 1, 5 Barn Street, Oldham, OL1 1LP


We work with what is present, not what is absent; we facilitate, creating opportunities for connection in a beautiful welcoming space. A space that is based on kindness, compassion and equality of power with humility at its heart. In this space women have re-discovered their voice, changed their language, become equal, free to pursue ideas, to shape and re-shape, to co-produce the organisation.

We are part of a world where our voices and our ability to contribute, our power to act has been eroded. We were seen as a set of labels, a set of deficiencies, problems that needed fixing. Our journey stories had a common thread where we believed that the only way out was to be rescued or fixed.

Inspire Women are change makers; we are passionate, devoted women who see the world in a different way. We are equal; we are Social Leaders who were brave enough to un-follow, abandoning pushing, striving and controlling. Inspire is a new way, a feminine way, not one that is absent from men but one that seeks out men who want to help empower women and see them rise.

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Updated: 24/09/2021