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From 16 years old


Westwood & Coldhurst Womens Association (WCWA) has been operating since 1978. It started up as English classes for local women, on a part time basis. This then progressed to a co-operative being established, where women made items for sale. The co-op ran for five years until it became an Association, and in 1981 it was able to employ its own workers.

Throughout the 80’s and 90’s WCWA went from strength to strength, providing a whole host of activities and services.

In 2000 the Association became a registered charity.

In 2007 it started its period of restructuring and is now reformed again with a new management committee and team of volunteers.

WCWA was built by local women for the local women. WCWA is here as a platform for local women, and young girls, to utilise their skills and gain new experiences. We understand there is so much talent and potential in our neighbourhood, we wish to unlock this potential to create a more active and involved community.

Updated: 09/08/2023