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Greenfield, OL3

Contact phone

07866 652 624

Contact email
Ofsted URN: 301344

Ofsted rating



From 3 months to 5 years old



Opening times

Monday to Thursday 7.30am - 5.30pm

Cost details

Per hour: £5

Free childcare possible for 2 year olds


Free childcare possible for 3/4 year olds


Takes childcare vouchers?



Registered for 30 hour free childcare.

Dependent on sessions -  fees are negotiable

Special diets offered

On discussions with parents

Provides for different cultural needs


How do you identify special educational needs and disabilities?

By keeping updated with current training offered, regular observations and assessments of the children and I would use my expertise, knowledge and filling in a Child Assessment of Progress ( ChAPs) mothering and tracking tool to identify a child with special educational needs.

How do you involve parents/carers?

Parents are informed at initial meeting that I do observations and assessments. Also by using my tracking system and ChAPs form. Once I have identified there may be a concern with a child in whatever area of their development I would discuss with parents our findings. I would advise parents to involve the health visitor and/or AEN specialist.

How do you support a child’s learning and development?

I would help you support your child's learning and development by sharing with you their learning and development file and comparing how the child is doing and working together to help the child grow. Also plan activities to help them reach their goals.

How do you meet a child’s educational needs?

By ensuring I run my setting to the best of my ability at all times following closely the Early Years Foundation Stage and Ofsted recommendations for development of children. I can plan activities and source suitable resources for children. Through the observations I do I could see if a child was having problems. Also by constantly updating their files and planning to meet their next steps.

How do we know my child is achieving agreed outcomes?

I would continue to use my tracking system as well as the ChAPs document in conjunction with any other development plans that may be implemented by any other agencies. I also would refer parents to the online Early Years Foundation Stage so they could see what I am referring to.

How do you adapt for a child with extra needs?

By making all activities, resources and the learning environment available for all children. I would change things for them to learn at a pace they are able and modifying things, like a ball to catch use a bigger, softer one.

How accessible is your service, outside and inside?

My setting is well designed for most young children , however we would probably encounter a problem accessing the outdoors with the child in a wheelchair as I have a number of steps into the garden.

How do you involve children in outings and trips?

Depending on the child and where we're going. Reasonable adaptations for the trip would be made. They may include trips to the library, toddler groups, parks and other places .

How do you work with other organisations?

I would seek advice from Oldham council. Also finding out information of who deals with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and getting advice for everybody who needs SEND help.

How do you support children when they start and leave?

When a parent requires a place, they do several visits with the child and when I feel the child is ready they will stay on their own. I have a settling in policy and an inclusion policy to show how children and their parents are welcomed. Also by assessing them and doing observations. When a child comes to leave, I prepare them beforehand and they know they can always keep in touch.

How are you/staff trained in extra needs?

I am a stand alone childminder and that present do not employ any assistance or other staff. I have undertaken SEND training as it has become available to me. Also through training which is updated through safeguarding network.

What is your policy on compliments, complaints, concerns?

You can contact me I am very open-minded I will listen to any complaints you may have and hopefully we can deal with them in that way. If you are not happy you can contact OFSTED who will deal with your complaint further.
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