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Werneth, OL8

Contact phone

07454 737 573
Ofsted URN: 2599995

Ofsted rating



from 2 months to 14 years old

Overnight childcare?


Opening times

Monday to Friday 7.30am - 6pm

Cost details

Per hour: £5

Free childcare possible for 2 year olds


Free childcare possible for 3/4 year olds


Takes childcare vouchers?


Drops-off/picks-up from

St Patrick's RC Primary and Nursery School, St Thomas C.E. (Werneth) Primary School, Werneth Primary School Coppice Academy Primary

School drop-off/pick-up

Willing to look at drop off and pick up at other local Schools not listed


Registered for 30 hours free childcare

Registered for overnight stay

All fees and hours negotiable, willing to discuss weekend care

Reduction for siblings

Special diets offered

Yes on discussion with parents

Provides for different cultural needs


How do you identify special educational needs and disabilities?

By carrying out regular observations and recording child’s learning and development using the Development Matters as a guide. Planning activities that hit all seven areas on the EYFS then benchmarking child to see where they are and what next steps can be put in place to support child. Keeping up to do date with SEN training so I’m familiar with signs and able to respond early.

How do you involve parents/carers?

Keeping parents informed of child’s progress through face to face meetings, over the phone discussions and inviting them into your setting so parent can also observe child. Asking parent how child is like at home, what have they observed/noticed. Informing parents of other agencies that are out there that can support and provide vital care for children with SEN.

How do you support a child’s learning and development?

I will make a care plan once having met parents and child. Gather as much information as possible about the child, routine, likes, dislikes, etc then plan activities accordingly. I will contact other professionals involved in child’s care such as a Speech and Language therapist to understand how I can support the child whilst in my setting. I will use the Development Matters guide to help assess what next steps could be taken to support learning and development.

How do you meet a child’s educational needs?

I may have to make/buy additional resources such as picture-cards and sensory equipment etc to engage the child in the activity and aid their learning.

How do we know my child is achieving agreed outcomes?

Parents will have access to children record/file at all times and will be able to see progress made. Any activities that were carried out and what learning outcome was achieved would be recorded and dated. Parents will be invited to see this every half-term but have full access anytime they like.

How do you adapt for a child with extra needs?

Depending on the needs of the child adaptations will be made to ensure each child in included and given the best opportunity to learn and grow. I will work closely with agencies who can advise and support me on how I need to adapt my setting to meet the children’s needs. I may need to buy/make resources such as a ball with a bell inside it etc.

How accessible is your service, outside and inside?

I have wide door frames for children with accessibly needs and a downstairs bathroom for easy access. I have outdoor space with no steps leading to garden.

How do you involve children in outings and trips?

Risk assessments will be made and I may need to make a trip beforehand to make sure everything is safe before actual day. Trips that everyone can easily access and enjoy will be planned such as going to the farm or soft-play area. These outings also help their learning and development so play a huge part in their curriculum.

How do you work with other organisations?

By inviting them into my setting so they can observe child and advise on what I can do to support the child better. Staying in regular contact with agencies and reporting any changes and keeping them up to learn on the child’s learning and development.

How do you support children when they start and leave?

I offer settling in sessions depending on the child they may need more than one. I gather as much information as I can beforehand so the transition into my setting is as smooth as possible. A new environment, surrounding can be challenging for a child so I hope to make it as enjoyable as possible. After 6 weeks I will have a meeting with the parent to discuss how the child has settled in and talk about any issues. When leaving my setting I will give a transition report to their next provider which will include their progress.

How are you/staff trained in extra needs?

I don’t currently employ any assistants but if I was too I would make sure they are well familiar with the child’s needs and attend and SEND training to gain knowledge and confidence in providing the best possible care.

What is your policy on compliments, complaints, concerns?

Please feel free to approach me about any issues and concerns, I believe communication is key and I would appreciate any feedback. I will reflect on your concern and do my utmost to rectify the issue. I will report of how I’ve dealt with the concern within 28days and if you are still unsatisfied you can call Ofsted or the Local Authorities. I have a complaints policy which also states the above.
Updated: 04/01/2023