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Shaw, OL2

Contact phone

07753 471 490

Contact email
Ofsted URN: EY552993

Ofsted rating



From 3 months to 5 years

Opening times

Monday to Thursday 7.30am - 5.45pm

Cost details

Per day: £35, Per session: £8, Per week £140

Free childcare possible for 2 year olds


Free childcare possible for 3/4 year olds


Takes childcare vouchers?



Registered for 30 hours free childcare

Special diets offered

On discussion with parents

Provides for different cultural needs


How do you identify special educational needs and disabilities?

I will make regular observations on children and their stages of development, making sure that they are where they should be in terms of learning and key skills. If there are any cause for concerns, I will raise it with the parents firstly and take it from there.

How do you involve parents/carers?

By having regular contact, and swapping notes on the child’s development and behaviour in other settings i.e. at home, school, nursery etc. By having regular meetings, when it comes to discussing my observations, or any concerns the parent may have.

How do you support a child’s learning and development?

There will be regular activities held in my setting to keep children interested that will help them learn and develop. I can recommend activities that a parent can do at home, that maybe a child really enjoyed in my setting.

How do you meet a child’s educational needs?

I will keep up to date with regular training, and make sure that I’m fully up to date with the child’s needs by speaking to the parents, carers. I will make sure I know any usual routine the child may need so that there is not too much disruption that might cause any upset to the child.

How do we know my child is achieving agreed outcomes?

I will do this by making regular observations and keeping a daily diary that parents can read through. I will make notes and plan for the next stages on a child’s development and how I am going to do that with different activities planned.

How do you adapt for a child with extra needs?

By looking at what stage the child is at and making sure each child can partake in an activity that doesn’t leave anyone out, I can change small things in an activity to suit the age and development of a child that means all the children can enjoy partaking in the same activity.

How accessible is your service, outside and inside?

The main room the children would be playing in is the living room which is down stairs, I would make sure there is enough space for each child. However we would probably have to look at the setting for a child with a wheel chair, as the front and back access is up a step so that wouldn’t be as easy to get in and out.

How do you involve children in outings and trips?

I would make sure that on trips out that I have everything I need for each child, again by discussing with parents if the child has any special requirements. I would do a risk assessment to make sure that where we are going is safe for all ages of children, and the trip suits the development needs for the ages of children I would be taking.

How do you work with other organisations?

I would keep in contact with health visitors, teachers etc. to discuss our observations to see if we are on the same page, and what each of us has planned for the next stage of the child’s development. If the parents have any concerns I will help as much as I can and pass on details of people who may also be able to help.

How do you support children when they start and leave?

For children starting I will do settling in periods where a couple of hours a week over a few weeks, a child will come to my setting to meet me and get used to the setting, before the care starts. For leaving the setting I will do a transition assessment and get together the child’s learning journal, so the next early year’s provider knows the stages the child is at.

How are you/staff trained in extra needs?

By attending all SEND training courses, however at this time i am working alone and do not have any staff.

What is your policy on compliments, complaints, concerns?

I hope all parents feel they can talk to me about any problems or complaints etc. however if not you can talk to Ofsted, LADO etc. Ofsted and LADO would do a full investigation and hopefully resolve the issue for you. If you have compliments I have set up a Facebook page for advertising that you can put compliments on there. You could also put compliments in writing that I could use to show other parents when advertising my setting.
Updated: 16/11/2021