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Day nursery open all year
3 Fitton Hill Shopping Precinct, Oldham, OL8 2QP

Contact phone

0161 624 0278 or 07976 069 818
Ofsted URN: EY496342

Ofsted rating



From 4 months to 5 years old



Vacancy details

We are offering the 15 hours free for 2 year olds and 3-4 year olds.

Cost details

Per week £180

Free childcare possible for 2 year olds


Free childcare possible for 3/4 year olds



Registered for 30 hours free childcare

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Special diets offered

On discussion with Parents

Provides for different cultural needs


How do you identify special educational needs and disabilities?

Through thorough observations and assessment. We have an area Senco manager as well as Senco in the building. Both do regular checks. We have an assessment toolkit that we use.

How do you involve parents/carers?

When the setting identifies concerns we involve the parents straight aware and make them aware of our concerns. They are involved in the process from the start and when contacting outside agencies.

How do you support a child’s learning and development?

Through doing observations and linking them to the current curriculum which is the EYFS. Parents can log in to there child's file using their own unique password which will allow them to see observations as well as add their own observations. Also we have regular parents evenings so parents can come in and speak to their key worker and go through how their child is developing.

How do you meet a child’s educational needs?

Through regular observations done by their key worker. Through tracking we can see where a child may need a little more help and then support can be put into place. Feedback at the end of the day to the parent from the key worker on how they have been through out the day and what activities they have done.

How do we know my child is achieving agreed outcomes?

We start by base lining a child when they first start at nursery and then from there observations are regularly uploaded to the child's online file and linked to the EYFS. Tracking will be done within the year to identify any areas they may need to be focused on for a specific child.

How accessible is your service, outside and inside?

The children have continuous provision throughout the day where they can access both the indoors and outdoors when they want. This will always be supervised by a practitioner.

How do you involve children in outings and trips?

We get out on local walks as often as we can within the local community. Trips to the park, or nature walks are most commonly planned for. The ratios are higher when going out on walks and all children are included

How do you work with other organisations?

We work in partnership with parents and external agencies by having regular meetings and updates on how the child is doing. Also making sure that everyone is aware if any changes are to occur in relation to the child.

How do you support children when they start and leave?

When I child first starts a home visit is arranged and an all about me form is filled in and a 'what to expect and when' booklet which allows the setting to see where the child is up to developmentally before they come to us. then the child will come in for gradual admission and this can take a week to two weeks depending on how the child settles. When a child is leaving we fill in transition documents and involve parents in the process. We make links with the new setting or school and transition the child over

How are you/staff trained in extra needs?

Staff are trained through the local authority and when training is available staff will attend.

What is your policy on compliments, complaints, concerns?

You can approach the manager of the setting. Or the director of the company can be contacted including OFSTED and LADO
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