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Our service was introduced to enhance the understanding of genetics within the community. We encourage families to attend and sometimes accompany them to the Genetics clinic where a qualified Genetic counsellor offers the appropriate help and advice to the family.

The Genetic counsellor and the community Genetics team can help families to understand the chance of another child being born with the genetic condition and the potential implications for the wider family and their children.

  • We offer our service in multiple languages including English, Punjabi, Urdu and Gujarati

  • We support and advise families affected with genetic conditions when either a child or a parent is affected

  • We enhance access to appropriate Genetic services based in Royal Blackburn Hospital and Royal Oldham Hospital on a weekly basis

  • We can offer advice and explain implications to the wider family and offer tests to other family members who are at risk

  • We help families to access other support and services that are available to them

  • We are a strictly confidential and free service

  • For a more in depth and easy to understand explanation on genetic conditions and the different ways they can be inherited/passed on, please take a look at our Genes & You page

  • We can visit you at home Click here for more information.

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Updated: 16/09/2019