Support, teaching and advice service
A specialist support service for children and young people with a sensory impairment or physical disability.

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We have an open referral system and referrals can be completed by health professionals, educational settings or directly by parents/carers. However, children and young people need to have been seen by a medical professional first and should have a diagnosis of a hearing impairment, vision impairment or physical disability in order to access the support of the service.

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0161 770 1513

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From 0 to 25 years old

Opening times

Monday to Friday 8.40am to 5pm, Term Time Only


Sensory and Physical Support Service

The Sensory and Physical Support Service is a centrally held specialist support service which works across the age and ability range to promote equality of opportunity and access for pupils with sensory and/or physical impairment.  The service provides assessment, support and direct teaching to children and young people as well as working in close partnership with schools, families and other agencies to offer advice and support.  

The team is split into three areas: deaf and hearing support led by Clare Prior; vision impairment led by Joanne Jones and physical disability and comprises of:

  • Deaf and hearing support – teachers of the deaf, specialist teaching assistants and a family liaison officer
  • vision impairment – qualified teachers of children and young people with a vision impairment, specialist teaching assistants and a habilitation specialist
  • physical disability – a moving and handling advisor
  • promote curriculum access, achievement and independent learning providing information and advice to children, young people, parents/carers, teachers and other professionals
  • Early intervention for preschool children and their families from diagnosis onwards including regular support groups
  • Liaison with medical and voluntary agencies, interpreting clinical information and explaining the educational implications of sensory and physical impairment
  • Assessment for and recommendations of specialist equipment to promote independent learning and success
  • Training for children and young people in the use of specialist equipment
  • Personal staff mentoring and joint planning when required to support inclusive practice
  • Awareness raising and training delivery including moving and handling training – both general and bespoke
  • Providing social activities for children and families
  • Support for children and families to attend clinic visits locally and regionally
  • Running signing classes which staff or parents can attend
  • Links to the voluntary sector to offer parents independent support and support for families with applications for grants and awards from voluntary agencies
  • A contribution to risk assessments for children with sensory and physical impairment
  • Assessment of access needs – to the building, curriculum and ICT

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Updated: 20/06/2024