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There are around five hundred Ramblers groups in Britain. When you join the Ramblers we can allocate you to your nearest group but you can also choose which group to join. Some people join a group near where they work while others join groups that are aimed at a particular age group. 

Your group will add to your welcome into the Ramblers by letting you know about what's happening locally. Whichever one you join, you can volunteer or walk with any or all of our groups across Britain. And if your nearest group is too far away can help you set up one in your community.

Groups are run entirely by volunteers who work together to further our work. Depending on where they are and who’s involved, groups will inspect paths, put on led walks, run local campaigns, organise group walking holidays or do practical work improving paths. They also have a strong social element with everything from afternoon teas to curry nights.

To ensure that Ramblers members have real ownership of what we do locally, each group is run by a committee that is elected annually.

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Updated: 19/07/2023