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Vaccinations are now available to anyone aged 12 or above. Anyone over 12 can book online. Anyone over 16 can visit one of our local vaccine clinics without an appointment.

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We strongly suggest contacting the service or activity before you use it. This way you can check all the details are correct and that everything is right for you. Please remember to ask staff to show you that relevant insurance is in place and staff qualifications are up to date. - initiative


From 5 to 11 years old


'Passport' of activities launched to enrich children's experiences and skills, backed by the Scouts, Girlguiding and National Trust.

Primary school children will be challenged to go on a nature trail, visit a local landmark or make a treasure map through a new ‘passport’ of activities launched by the Education Secretary to encourage more family time and help build children’s character and resilience.

These activities will inspire children’s ability to problem-solve, provide opportunities to see or visit new places and develop wide interests in new subjects.

The activities are designed to be accessible so that every child and family can get involved and include milestones for each primary school year group. Tasks that schools and families can set children include:

  • painting a self portrait
  • posting a letter
  • looking at the stars on a clear night
  • playing a board game
  • writing and performing a poem
  • going hiking
  • planning and cooking a meal
  • interviewing someone

Among the list of activities will be opportunities for children to engage in social action that helps them make positive changes for themselves and others. Schools will also be able to adapt the list to meet the needs of its pupils and local communities.

It includes:

  • the my activity passport
  • an editable template that parents and teachers can personalise
  • guidance and a foreword from the Secretary of State for Education
  • supporting resources
Updated: 07/09/2021