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Online yoga session for under 5's


3 - 5 year olds


Yoga is a fantastic way to get fit, become more flexible and manage stress.

But did you know that deaf children can benefit too?

National Deaf Children's Society are very excited to be partnering with Cosmic Kids to create fantastic yoga videos

They’re aimed at 3 to 5 year olds and each video is British Sign Language (BSL) interpreted.

With fun, easy-to-follow steps your deaf child can learn simple poses, improve their balance and coordination, and become more flexible. It’ll help your child learn to follow instructions and improve their concentration. As they make progress, their confidence is sure to grow.

With Cosmic Kids yoga videos, your child can exercise at home at any time to suit you – morning, afternoon, or as a break from learning. They can focus on their own performance at their own speed, without having to compete with anyone else.

You can also use the yoga moves to get creative, acting out songs or stories, and making them come alive!

Updated: 12/10/2021