Outdoor activities
Do great things for the wildlife where you live! Accessible to all.


Passionate about nature, dedicated to saving it. Since we started on our mission in 1889, the threats to nature have continued to grow, but we've grown to meet them too.

We’re now the largest nature conservation charity in the country, consistently delivering successful conservation, forging powerful new partnerships with other organisations and inspiring others to stand up and give nature the home it deserves.

Explore nature and get closer to wildlife and the outside world.

We have loads of great ideas and resources to help kids and families connect with nature, from simple activities they can do at home or at school, to wild clubs, fun articles and family-friendly reserves and events.

You don’t need to look very far to find amazing wildlife – it’s on your doorstep!

It’s on our reserves, in our countryside and back gardens, even in the middle of busy cities. We can all take simple moments to enjoy, help and learn about the animals that we share our environment with. 

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Updated: 06/07/2023