Accessibility Screenings for guests with Autism or sensory difficulties
The Old Town Hall, Parliament Square, Greaves Street, Oldham, OL1 1RA


From 0 to 25 years old

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ODEON is aware that going to a standard performance of a film can be a challenge for guests on the autism spectrum or with sensory or learning disabilities.

The special performances have subtle changes to the cinema environment which mean that people who have sensory difficulties have a more positive experience than they would in a traditional cinema setting. Changes include:
• The lights being kept on at a low level
• Lower than usual sound levels
• No trailers or advertisements - just the film
• Allowance for increased levels of movement and noise

Our hope is that, as guests with sensory difficulties become more familiar with the cinema environment, at some point they will feel comfortable with attending standard screenings.

You can find out the details of the screenings at your local cinema simply select the “Autism Friendly Screenings” filter when viewing the performances at your cinema. If no performances are displayed, there may not be any Autism Friendly screenings that week – in that case you can contact our “Disability and Accessibility Helpline” who will be able to advise you further or ask in cinema.

For further information on accessibility

Disability and Accessible helpline:-
Monday to Thursday 9am - 5pm,
Friday to Saturday 9 am - 8pm,
Sunday 10am - 5pm

Updated: 08/12/2023