What is fly-tipping?

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste that might include general household rubbish, larger household items e.g. mattresses and fridges, garden refuse or commercial waste.

Fly-tipping examples

Example of flytipping

Report fly-tipping

To help us to clear up the waste as quickly as possible, we will need certain information from you:

  • The location of the waste
  • A description of it e.g. is it a fridge, a pile of bags or dumped rubbish
  • Any information you may have about how the waste got there
  • Anything that may prevent Council officers from accessing the area where the fly-tipping is located (eg. Fly-tipping is located behind a locked alley gate)

Report Fly-tipping

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If what you wish to report looks like the examples below then it's litter. To report this please complete the litter report form:

Littering examples

Picture of litter

What happens when you report fly-tipping?

First, an enforcement officer will investigate.  Once the investigation is completed we will clear the fly-tipping as soon as possible.

You will receive email updates about the progress of your report if you provide us with your email address.

Oldham Council treats fly-tipping very seriously and will prosecute anyone caught fly-tipping.

Track progress of a fly-tipping report

You can find out what has happened to the fly-tipping you reported using the reference number we provided.

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