1. Cabinet

The Cabinet is made up of a Leader, a Deputy Leader and up to 9 councillors appointed by the Leader.

The Cabinet is responsible for strategic decisions and recommends proposals for approval by full Council on the budget, Council Tax levels and the Council’s policy framework.

The Cabinet can form committees, working groups and panels. For example, a sub committee of the Cabinet has been formed to take decisions about Trust Land within the Borough.

The Cabinet meets monthly. For minutes and agendas Browse meetings.

What does the Cabinet do?

The Leader of the Council may determine to exercise any of the executive functions of the Council personally, or may arrange for the exercise of any of the Council’s executive functions by:

  • The Cabinet
  • By a Committee of the Cabinet
  • By an officer of the Council in consultation with a Member of the Cabinet.

Powers of the Cabinet

  • Implement agreed policies
  • Give political leadership
  • Make key decisions
  • Proposes policy framework
  • Proposes the budget
  • Makes recommendations to Council

Cabinet members

Only councillors may be appointed to Cabinet and portfolios are assigned by the Leader.

Economy and Enterprise

Cabinet Member: Cllr Sean Fielding | Deputy: Cllr Martin Judd

  • City region and devolution
  • Regeneration and infrastructure
  • Enterprise and business support
  • Capital projects and investments
  • Corporate property and assets
  • Oldham Town Centre and Markets
  • External Relations
  • Policy and Performance
  • Tourism and events
  • Inclusive Growth
  • Business Intelligence
  • Communications and Media
  • Legal and Democratic Services
  • Member Development and Support

Education and Culture

Cabinet Member: Cllr Paul Jacques | Deputy: Cllr Mohon Ali

  • Education
  • Early Years
  • Education and Skills Commission
  • School Place Planning
  • Looked After Children – Educational Performance
  • Libraries, Heritage and Local Studies
  • Culture and Arts (inc. Galleries/Museums) / Youth Service

Children’s Services

Cabinet Member: Cllr Amanda Chadderton | Deputy: N/A

  • GM Childrens’ Partnership
  • GM Childrens’ Services Review
  • Adoption and Fostering
  • Children in care
  • Child safeguarding
  • Children’s Health and Wellbeing

Employment and Skills

Cabinet Member: Cllr Shaid Mushtaq | Deputy: N/A

  • Get Oldham Working
  • Employment and Employability
  • Work and Skills Strategy
  • Skills and Lifelong Learning
  • Apprenticeships

Health and Social Care

Cabinet Member: Cllr Zahid Chauhan | Deputy: Cllr Marie Bashforth

  • Adult Social Services
  • Adult Safeguarding
  • Provider Services
  • Disability Services and adaptations
  • Family Support
  • GM Adult Services Review
  • Health Devolution
  • Oldham Locality Plan
  • Health Improvement
  • Population Health (inc. Leisure & Sport)
  • Mental Health
  • Fit for Oldham

Neighbourhoods Services

Cabinet Member: Cllr Arooj Shah (Deputy Council Leader) | Deputy: Cllr Ginny Alexander

  • Parks and Countryside services
  • Community engagement (Including changing behaviours and Get Oldham Growing)
  • Transport
  • Licensing
  • Highways
  • Trading Standards
  • Registrars and Cemeteries
  • Gritting
  • Car Parking Enforcement
  • Street Lighting
  • District Executives
  • Environmental Services and Enforcement

Police and Community Safety

Cabinet Member: Cllr Ateeque Ur Rehman | Deputy: Cllr Steve Williams

  • Community Safety and policing
  • Community cohesion
  • First Response
  • Early Help
  • Youth Justice
  • Community Justice
  • Probation Services


Cabinet Member: Cllr Hannah Roberts | Deputy: N/A

  • Strategic Housing
  • Housing Quality Enforcement
  • Planning and Building Control
  • Homelessness

Finance and Corporate Resources

Cabinet Member: Cllr Abdul Jabbar (Deputy Council Leader) | Deputy: Cllr Chris Goodwin

  • Finance
  • HR and Organisational Development
  • Council Workforce – In Work Progression
  • ICT and Transactional Services
  • Internal Business Support Unit
  • Revenues and Benefits
  • Customer Services (Including Contact Oldham)