2. Chairs

Company Chairs

Oldham Care & Support: Zahid Chauhan
Oldham UNITY Partnership: Peter Dean 

Statutory Chairs

Planning: Steve Bashforth 
Licensing: Norman Briggs
Health and Wellbeing Board: Sue Dearden

District Chairs

Chadderton: Graham Shuttleworth
Failsworth and Hollinwood: Elaine Garry
Oldham East: Riaz Ahmad
Oldham West: Yasmin Toor
Royton: James Larkin
Shaw: Diane Williamson
Saddleworth: Adrian Alexander

Scrutiny Chairs

O&S Management: Colin McLaren
O&S PVFM: Joy Wrigglesworth

Outside bodies

GMFRS: Steve Williams (spokesperson)
TfGM: Mohon Ali (spokesperson)
GMWDA: Steve Hewitt (spokesperson)
Peak District NP: Colin McLaren 
Pension Fund: TBC