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If you need to report a safeguarding concern, or think that someone is at risk from neglect or abuse, please complete the 'Request support from Adult Social Care' form:

Request support from Adult Social Care

Or call the Adult Social Care Team:

  • Phone:  0161 770 7777 8:40 to 5:00pm Monday to Friday
  • Phone: 0161 770 6936 outside office hours (Emergency Duty Team) 

Your referral will be reviewed by the appropriate professional and they will work with you to find out more about the concern and what help maybe available to support your wellbeing and safety.

This may include referring you to other services which are not directly provided by adult social care.

We will ask you to provide consent to contact other agencies as part of the referral. 

Do you, or somebody you know, need help with daily living?

Adult Social Care is about supporting adults of all ages, disabilities, and backgrounds to be independent, healthy, safe, and well.  

We understand that for most people, staying independent is important for ensuring that you live a happy and fulfilling life.

There are many things you can do to keep your independence, both at home and when you are out and about.

This might be changing the way you do something or by trying something new.

Whatever your age or ability there are things you can do to remain healthy, independent, and safe.

Many of these things are small changes that can make a big difference.

By acting now you can improve your life today and in the future.

Step 1 - Finding support for yourself

Before ringing and speaking to us why not look at the support that is available in your community? 

The Action Together website has a directory of services delivered by local voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise organisations.

You may be able to use it to find an activity to suit your needs or those of a loved one or client:

If you can't find anything to meet your needs then it may be that you would benefit from further input from Adult Social Care.

Step 2 - Contacting Adult Social care

If you have tried ways to stay independent and still need further support, the first step is to contact us for a conversation.

If you are a resident over 18 years old, please contact our Adult Referral Contact Centre (ARCC) to discuss your situation.

You can do this by completing the 'Request support from Adult Social Care' form:

Request support from Adult Social Care

If you are struggling to complete the form, the ARCC team will assist you. 

  • Phone:  0161 770 7777 8:40 to 5:00pm Monday to Friday

The ARCC team will identify with you the best options available - this could be accessing community-based support, some equipment or referring you for a more in-depth assessment.

You may be able to access either support directly from Adult Social Care or through one of our partners.  

To ensure your needs can be appropriately met, Adult Social Care will need your consent to share your personal details with other agencies.

When you make contact to social care, we call it a "referral".

  • Referrals for wellbeing services will be allocated to the Adult Referral Contact Centre (ARCC)
  • Referrals for safeguarding concerns will be allocated to the Adult Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)

Please note that online referrals will not be treated as emergencies.

If you are contacting us on behalf of someone else, then whenever possible, you should make sure that they are aware that you are planning to do so.


If you have an emergency, please ring the contact service for social care:

  • 0161 770 7777 in office hours (8.40am to 5pm Monday to Friday)
  • 0161 770 6936 outside office hours


You may be charged for the services you receive.

We will carry out a financial assessment to work out if you need to contribute to the cost of your care: