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Use this form to report a pothole.

It's really useful if you can provide photos, as they can help us to locate the pothole and also to understand the severity of the problem (see examples - opens in a new window).

What we will investigate

We will repair potholes that are at least

  • 4 cm deep on a road
  • 2.5 cm deep on a pavement

Please don't report holes that aren't as deep as this.

Report a pothole

Routine maintenance and resurfacing

Sometimes the surface of the road becomes eroded or stripped but, unless there is a hole that is 4 cm or deeper, this will be dealt with as part of our routine maintenance and resurfacing.


Example pothole photos

Is the road or pavement the Council's responsibility?

We can't repair problems on roads that are private, unadopted or owned by an organisation like a supermarket.

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