Margaret Taylor Published: Wednesday, 02nd August 2023

A former Royal Navy servicewoman who served in the Second World War, recently celebrated her 100th birthday with a special get together hosted by the Mayor of Oldham.

Margaret Taylor, from Greenacres, reached this extraordinary milestone on Tuesday as she attended the Mayor’s Parlour with her family to mark the occasion.

Upon arriving, Margaret was warmly greeted by members of the Royal British Legion Standards and the Mayor, a reception which joyfully brought tears to her eyes.

Magaret Taylor


Later on, as part of the celebrations, Councillor Zahid Chauhan presented Margaret with a special birthday card and a bouquet of flowers as they enjoyed conversations about her life over a cup of tea and some cake.

When asked what it was like to reach 100, Margaret simply replied ‘I’m speechless and overwhelmed’ before she advised guests that a ‘clean living’ was the best way to live so long.

Magaret Taylor


When the Mayor asked for further words of wisdom, Margaret added: “If you’ve got children, they’re and a labour of love and they make you happy.

“They give you many tears, but they also give you lots of happiness, so enjoy every moment.”

Margaret served in the Women’s Royal Naval Service from the age of 16 before contributing to the Second World War effort in the Outer Hebrides, where her role in logistics involved overseeing supplies that went aboard naval ships.

Earlier picture of Margaret Taylor


She joked ‘the role was one you couldn’t afford to get wrong’ given the drastic consequences it would have had to those serving at sea.

Following the war, Margaret went on to tie the knot with her husband John Taylor in 1949, upon which the newlyweds started married life together in their new home on Godson Street.

After leaving the Navy, Margaret later take up a role at Fitton Hill Secondary Modern where she worked as a dinner lady until the age of 60.

Margaret Taylor at the Mayor's Parlour


Margaret’s husband John sadly passed away in 2003 after more than 54 years of marriage, so she now lives on the same street as her son Rob and his partner Patricia.

Councillor Zahid Chauhan, Mayor of Oldham, said: “I am honoured to have shared this amazing occasion with Margaret.

“It was so wonderful to meet with her in person and hear many of the great memories she has enjoyed over the years, and I’m sure there are many more to come.”

Margaret’s family followed on the birthday celebrations in the nearby Tommyfield Inn where son Rob arranged to present her with a birthday telegram from King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

The card read “My wife and I are so pleased to know that you are celebrating your one hundredth birthday on 1st August 2023.

“This brings our warmest congratulations and heartfelt good wishes on such a special occasion.”

The King's Telegram



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