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Oldham Way
Oldham Way
Published: Tuesday, 11th April 2023

More than 40 miles of countryside to explore, broken down into seven manageable sections - or you can do it in one epic challenge

Looking for something to do this Spring? 

Why not explore the Oldham Way - a 42-mile circuit of the borough with hills, trails, reservoirs and glorious views across Oldham and beyond.

Those with experience and a sense of adventure can comfortably navigate all of its highs and lows in a couple of days, while families and those new to its tracks might want to explore one of the seven recommended routes; as outlined on our website.

Ken Smith from the Peak and Northern Footpath Society says one of the best ways to get people walking is to break it up to make it manageable.

“If you’re starting from scratch, find the nicest place or a good location on a route and just try a small section,” he says. “Just taste the Oldham Way rather than doing the whole thing, then come back another day and do the other half."

There are seven recommended shorter routes on the Oldham Way, which starts and ends at Dove Stone Reservoir and takes in Diggle and Denshaw; Dunwood, Chadderton Hall and Brookdale parks; and Park Bridge.

“If you look at it in the whole there’s a heck of a lot of variety - from the tops of the moors to the bottom with the canals, through hamlets in Saddleworth, to old architecture and history,” said Kevin Lawton from the Wednesday Walkers group.

“The views on some of this walk at various high points are quite incredible and there’s interesting bits on the canal and public parks too.”

While an experienced walker could complete the whole 42 miles and successfully navigate its more strenuous and overgrown sections, families might want to take the easy towpath along the canal or visit the well-maintained paths of Daisy Nook Country Park.

Descriptions of the seven different sections of the Oldham Way are now on the Oldham Council website, with information on distance, terrain, difficulty and more

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