Oldham East and Saddleworth Constituency

Turnout 54.75%

Name of candidate Party Number of votes
ABRAHAMS Debbie  Labour Party  14,091 - Elected
AL-HAMDANI Sam Liberal Democrat 3,386
BARDEN Jacob Reform UK 7,734
BUCKLEY Nick  Independent 517
ERROCK Paul Boots Independent 1,362
FISH Tom The Conservative and Unionist Party 6,838
REZA KHAN Fesl  Green Party 1,490
SADDIQUE Shanaz Workers Party of Britain 4,647

Oldham West, Chadderton and Royton Constituency

Turnout 50.99%

Name of candidate Party Number of votes
IQBAL Zaffar Independent 8,256
KITCHING Hannah Liberal Democrats 1,271
LOVERING Horatio The Conservative Party Candidate 4,066
McMAHON Jim  Labour Party and Co-operative Party 13,232 - Elected
MIAH Raja  Independent  2,470
SILBIGER David Reform UK 6,848
SYED Samsuzzaman Green Party 1,857
WILSON Tony Independent  573

Manchester Central Constituency 

Turnout 46.7%

Name of candidate Party Number of votes
BAYUNU Ekua Green Party 6,387
BROWN David Reform UK 4,760
HASHEMI Parham Workers Party – For Britain, For Gaza   1,888
KALONDA Albati Independent 59
KHAN Sabeena Independent  202
MOORE Sebastian Social Democratic Party 240
NORTHWOOD Chris Joanne Liberal Democrat 3,051
POWELL Lucy Labour and Co-operative Party 20,184 - Elected
RYLANCE Caitriona Rhiannon Communist Future - there is an alternative! 131
SMITH Scott David Ian The Conservative Party Candidate 2,823


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