The way we shop has changed. Out of town retail parks, online shopping and the pandemic has accelerated the changing face of high streets across the UK.

Many well-known retailers have unfortunately closed for good and Oldham is not alone in seeing an increasing number of empty units.

Spindles Town Square Shopping Centre can no longer be solely retail-focused if it is to be sustainable in the future.

This is why we are redeveloping the whole centre and bringing in new uses – including leisure and entertainment – to ensure it offers what people tell us they want.

Plan of retail area


But retail is, and will continue to be, really important.

To give shoppers a better experience, we want to condense the retail area to the ground floor of Spindles through to Town Square and linking into the new Tommyfield Market.

We will work with existing retailers to relocate them if needed and are always looking to bring new retailers and businesses on board.

We believe this new retail area will create a better shopping experience, with shops in one main area instead of scattered throughout the centre.

It will also help us to connect the high street, malls and market in a retail ‘loop’ and enable the upper floor of Spindles to be repurposed for office space.

Artists impression of retail area