What is a sibling?

In some family units (one or two parents or carers, plus children), the children may not be biological brothers and sisters.

Older children from the same family unit (living under the same family address) can be considered as a sibling link under this criterion.

A sibling is your child’s brother or sister (including half-brothers and sisters, stepchildren and fostered children living with the same family at the same address).

Cousins do not count as siblings

If you have more than one child, please do not include on the application a ‘sibling’ that will have left the school by July 2023, or that is in the nursery.

Checks will be made with the relevant schools that siblings do live at the same address

Twins or triplets

If you are applying for multiple children to be accepted in the same year but only one child gets a place, you have the following options:

  • Accept one place and appeal for the other places (see Appeals)
  • Decline the place you have been offered
  • Some schools will accept twins or triplets even if it means admitting more than the Planned Admission Number.

For details, you need to refer to the school's Admissions Policy which is available on each school's web page: 

Parents who live separately

When parents live separately, the application must be based on the address at which the child usually lives. When parents live separately but the child lives with both parents at different addresses, the child's home address will be taken to be the address where the child lives for most of the school week.

If the child spends an equal amount of time with each parent, the address will be taken to be that of the main parent/carer eligible to receive Child Benefit.