7. How to make a complaint

All complaints regarding a breach of planning must be made in writing.  An alleged breach of planning control can be reported as follows:-

or in paper form

Sometimes work is started without relevant permission or consent.  We can investigate these cases and take action where clear harm is being caused.

New buildings, extensions or changes in the use of land or buildings generally require planning permission or consent.  Other activities may also require our consent, such as cutting down a protected tree.

But sometimes work is started without this permission or consent.  We can investigate these cases and take action where clear harm is being caused. 

If you're concerned about a planning matter and would like us to investigate it please report it.  You can search for planning applications and appeals and see what stage an application has reached.


All planning and the files relating to them are confidential. There is no public access to the files and the identity of complainants and personal information is not disclosed. Anonymous complaints cannot be investigated