Helping children to be healthy, happy and confident | Get ready for primary school | Oldham Council

1. Helping children to be healthy, happy and confident

There are many ways to help a child to be healthy – such as making sure they get the right amount kind of food and rest and taking them to appointments for medical checks and vaccinations. 

When children’s health is good, they are likely to become happy and confident in themselves because they can try out new things, make choices and benefit from being with others.

Below are some ideas that will help with good physical and mental health and help young children feel happy and confident.

Babies (birth to 18m)

  • Let me hold a spoon when you are feeding me – I’ll soon begin to try to feed myself.
  • Encourage me to play peek a boo with you or a friend
  • Let me explore safely by giving me tummy time on the floor
  • Praise me for giving you my arm to put in a jacket or when I pull off my hat

Toddlers (18m-3)

  • Praise me when I try to put my foot in my shoe or pull off my sock
  • Encourage me to wave or say ‘bye bye’ to people we know
  • Let me choose what to do at the park – such as feeding the ducks or having a ride on a swing
  • Let me show I can do things for myself, like sitting on the potty or getting my coat for going out

Pre-schoolers (3-5)

  • Encourage me to try new things like having a go on a slideHelp me make new friends and talk to me about taking turns and sharing
  • Let me make my own ‘picnic’ to eat on an outing. Let me spread the bread for a sandwich and choose some fruit to eat for afters
  • Help me use the toilet independently, then let me have fun washing my hands.

Early years learning resources

Tiny Happy People

Explore these simple activities and play ideas to develop your child’s communication skills.

Hungry Little Minds

For simple, fun activities for children aged 0–5.

BBC Early Years resources

The BBC have been busy putting together lots of Early Years resources for learning at home. From counting to literacy skills, it’s never too early for your little ones to start learning.


Free resources on child language development for parents with young children.

P.E. with Greater Sport

It's important for all children, from birth to eighteen, to keep moving to help with their physical development, wellbeing and mental health. Greater Sport have pulled together a number of different resources that are freely available online to help you and your children keep moving.

My First Day at School game

Prepare your child for school by helping them to create their character, pick a school jumper, explore the school and find all the different activities to play.