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First Output: An Oldham View (June 2022)

Census data is released in three stages over 2022/23. In June 2022, very limited information was released on the number of households within the borough, population size, and sex. Current data has been rounded to the nearest 100. Later releases will give more detailed figures.

From October, further data on ethnic groups, national identity, language, religion, health, disability, unpaid care, housing, labour market and travel to work, sexual orientation and gender identity and education will be released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The Census population and household estimates provide the basis for future local authority funding allocations from central government for the next ten years.

Infographic of the Initial headlines of the census 2021


First data overview

  • Oldham’s population was recorded at 242,100 in the 21 March 2021 Census. An increase of around 17,200 (7.6%) since the 2011 census.
  • Nationally, the population of England and Wales grew by 3.5 million (6.3%) to 59.6 million.
  • The increases are in certain age groups, notably school-age children, and people in their 50s and 70s.
  • There has been a reduction in the number of children under the age of 5, which reflects the national trend.
  • The number of households is estimated at 93,100, an increase of around 3,400 households (3.8%) from the 2011 Census figure of 89,703.

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