Learning a new language is an enjoyable and rewarding experience and you will gradually develop your confidence and skills.

We offer beginners and more advanced classes to help you build your confidence and skills in either Spanish or French.

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Languages – a guide to levels

Year one

‘Introduction to...’ and ‘Move on’

Introduce you to the language and are intended for complete beginners.


Year two and three courses

Continue to build on the skills and

knowledge of Year 1.


Conversation courses up to  Intermediate languages courses

Are suitable for learners who have

completed a Language Year 3 course or

equivalent, such as GCSE. The levels of

the Intermediate Conversation courses

vary and a discussion with a member of

the languages team is required.

Higher Intermediate and advanced language conversation

This level of learning is suitable for

learners who have a knowledge of

the language equivalent to A Level.

Partnership and Community Engagement Team (PACE)

We work in close collaboration with a range of partners across Oldham to identify and deliver learning which makes a difference to people’s lives.

We work with a wide range of organisations, including schools, voluntary and community sector, faith sector, health partners, housing, libraries, and other council services to offer learning opportunities to engage local people.

These can be flexible to meet the needs of groups of learners. Advice and guidance is provided to learners regarding progression routes to help them achieve their goals. We can offer a range of free learning sessions.

Feedback from learners in the community demonstrates that attending craft courses has improved their mental health and wellbeing. It has enabled them to make new friends, reduce social isolation and learn new skills.

Learners often continue to pursue these new skills at home with their friends and family. Some learners have been inspired to sell their items, or even start a new business.

Residents of Primrose Bank get Crafty

Here are some examples of what the residents of the Primrose Bank area designed and produced in the online Craft with Shirley, using Zoom.

Image of craft pieces created at the PACE sessions at Oldham Lifelong Learning

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Craft with Shirley is iris paper folding and deco-patch. The target group has been feeling isolated during lockdown and the sessions are supporting learners with their mental health and wellbeing.

The session helped to develop a range of creative skills. that people can use at home with children, friends, and families.

Well done Shirley, another fantastic online delivery class.

Some learner comments are below:

Jan - I love them!

Tara - Yeah, we loved all the sessions, really enjoyed the folding session, look forward to sharing what we’ve learnt.   

Sonja - We have loved it x Lovely session. Thank you Shirley,

Muna - Thanks l am just in love with this origami x

Nasra - I love quilling my favourite so far fab session.

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