Postal voting | Postal voting | Oldham Council

To register for a postal vote please download and complete an application to vote by post:

Once completed this form should be returned to our elections team

Voting pack

If you have applied for a postal vote, you will receive a voting pack in the post including instructions on how to vote.

Please read the instructions thoroughly to make sure your vote is counted.

When you get your postal voting pack, including the ballot paper, make sure you put it somewhere safe and don't give it to anyone or leave it where anyone else can pick it up.

It’s up to you when you vote – you can do it straight away – but ensure you complete your ballot paper in secret and don’t let anyone else vote for you.

Once everything is complete, post it back yourself. If you can’t do that, give it to somebody you know and trust to do it for you.

Make sure you send it back so that it arrives by 10pm on election day. If it arrives later than this, your vote won't be counted.

You can hand your postal ballot in at your local council on the day if you’re not able to send it back by post in advance.

Help using your postal vote

If you need help filling in your postal vote, call the Elections team on 0161 770 4718.

Tips on how to keep your postal vote safe

  • Put them somewhere safe
  • Don't let anyone else handle them
  • Don't give the ballot paper to anyone else
  • Put the ballot paper in the envelope and seal it up yourself
  • Complete and sign the postal voting statement
  • Put the postal voting statement and the envelope containing your ballot paper into the larger supplied envelope and seal it.
  • Take it to the post box yourself, if you can
  • If you can't do that, either give it to somebody you know and trust to post it for you, or ring your local elections team, to ask if they can collect it from you
  • Don't hand it to a candidate or party worker unless no other way is practical
  • Don't leave it where someone else can pick it up