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As part of the Council’s winter service we supply self-help grit bins for public use on public roads and pavements.

There are currently over 600 grit bins throughout Oldham which are placed in prominent locations such as hilly areas, exposed locations and potentially dangerous road junctions.

We fill all Council-owned grit bins just before the beginning of winter and regularly refill them throughout the winter period (October - March).

Where is my nearest grit bin?

Report a damaged grit bin

All damaged grit bins will be repaired or replaced.

Request a new grit bin location

The Council will provide a new grit bin when full justification is shown.

The provision of grit bins is assessed against set criteria, using a points-based system.

Key factors that are considered include:

  • Height of land i.e. altitude
  • Highway gradient
  • Distance to next grit box
  • Other relevant factors e.g. elderly persons' accommodation; known water problems; junction problems; unadopted highway

You will be informed of the final decision within 10 days.