Oldham Council will, as far as reasonably possible, keep the primary highway network free of ice and snow at all times, to help ensure a safe journey for all commuters.

Gritting route map

Primary highway network gritting

Resources are initially directed to gritting 6 priority routes, including the trans-Pennine roads and most of the principal, classified and major bus routes in the borough.

Trans Pennine priority order during snow are:

  1. A62/Huddersfield Road (trans-Pennine route) - keep open
  2. A672/Ripponden Road - treated and kept open (unless use of resources on this road prevents keeping the A62 open)
  3. A635/Holmfirth Road and the A640/Huddersfield Road - closed to trans-Pennine traffic during adverse conditions

Oldham Council is not responsible for the gritting of Broadway, Chadderton or the A627M, which are both the responsibility of the Highways Agency.

The Highways Agency can be contacted on 0300 123 5000 (general enquiries).

Footway gritting

Oldham Council will prioritise the most used footways during long periods of frost and snow:

  • Rochdale Road, Oldham (outside The Royal Oldham Hospital)
  • Sheepfoot Lane/Furtherwood Road, Oldham (football match days only)
  • Middleton Road, Chadderton (adjacent to the Precinct)
  • Market Place (Precinct)/Rochdale Road (Radcliffe Street to Middleton Road); Royton
  • Market Street/Milnrow Road, High Street/Greenfield Lane, Beal Lane (to Railway Station), Eastway and Westway Shaw
  • Huddersfield Road, Oldham (adjacent to Tesco)
  • High Street (Red Lion to Co-op)/Thomas Street (High Street to Library), Lees
  • High Street, Uppermill (Museum to The Square)
  • King Street, Delph
  • Chew Valley Road, Greenfield
  • West Street, Cheapside, Lord Street, Yorkshire Street, George Street, Union Street footbridge, and Mumps Station, Oldham
  • Around council owned GP centres in Chadderton and Royton and those proposed in Shaw and Werneth

The pedestrianised area of Oldham Town Centre is part of the primary gritting route.