If you live in an area controlled by a Resident Parking Scheme and have a vehicle, you may apply for a resident permit.

Resident permits will only be issued to applicants who are residing at an address within the Resident Parking Scheme Area.

Applicants must produce evidence of their address such as:

  • Vehicle registration document
  • Rent book
  • Utility bill

All spaces are sign posted and drivers should check the signs and time before parking to ensure that the vehicle is parked in a valid bay.


There is no charge for a Resident Permit.

Visitors to residential parking areas

Visitors to areas where there is Resident Only parking must park within the sections of limited waiting or display a visitors pass where applicable.

Visitors must not park within the areas designated for Resident Parking.

Temporary permits

You can apply for a temporary permit if, for example, you hire a car.

Renewing a parking permit

To renew a Parking Permit please contact the Parking Shop.

Parking Shop

Email: parkingshop@oldham.gov.uk
Tel: 0161 770 6654
Post: PO Box 499, Oldham, OL1 9AA