The Oldham Transport Strategy (approved in January 2023) recognises that transport plays a huge part in the lives of all Oldham’s residents. It can influence where we live, work, study and train, impacting our health, the air we breathe and our access to opportunities.

The strategy supports the aims of the Greater Manchester Transport Strategy 2040 to have ‘World-class connections that support long-term sustainable economic growth and access to opportunity for all’ and can deliver real benefits for our residents and the borough. Whilst there will be challenges over the coming years there will be opportunities to make sure that the borough’s transport network connects all our communities, supports healthy travel choices and is safe and accessible.  

Across the borough, we will look to provide a transport system which: 

  • Supports long-term economic growth and makes it easier and quicker for people and goods to get around;
  • Improves the quality of life for all by being integrated, affordable and reliable;
  • Improves our environment and our air quality because protecting the health of the borough’s residents is a priority;
  • Uses the newest technology and innovation to achieve both Oldham’s and Greater Manchester’s targets to be net zero carbon by 2030 and 2038 respectively.

Download the strategy