The Council cleans the borough's streets, parks and open spaces on a routine cycle.

This will be more frequent at busy locations such as Oldham Town Centre, District centres, gateways and corridors within Oldham.

Report litter

Report litter or a problem with a litter bin:

Report a litter problem

Littering examples

Litter example

Track progress of a litter report

You can find out what has happened to the litter you reported by logging into 'My Account':

Log into My Account

Or using the reference number that was provided when you completed the "Report a litter problem" form:

Track a litter report

On-going problems

Street litter control notices are used when there is a long standing litter problem outside premises (for example smoking litter).

Premises may be required to provide (and empty) litter bins and to keep the area clean.

Fines can be issued where premises do not comply with street litter control notices.

Litter on private land

Clearing rubbish from private land, shop, pub, factory or other commercial building is not a council responsibility.

Please report it to the landowner.

Phone boxes and bus shelters

To report broken glass from a phone box or bus shelter:

  • Report phone box damage to BT: 0800 661 610
  • Report bus shelter damage to JC Decaux: 0161 873 6384


You be may issued a £100 fixed penalty notice

If you fail to pay the penalty you are liable to prosecution with a maximum fine of £2,500.

Volunteer for litter picking in your community

If you would like to organise or join a community litter picking session, please visit our Don't Trash Oldham page for equipment, future events in your area and contact details