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2. Road safety team

The Council's Road Safety Team provides education, training and publicity for all ages and all types of road user.

Education visits

Nursery schools/Pre-school

Resources are distributed and are available for children and their parents/carers

Primary schools

The team present interactive lessons to Reception, Year 1, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 classes.

Lesson plans and resources are given to teachers for the remaining year groups.

Secondary schools

The team work with Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 students and again have a variety of resources available for additional lessons and/or teacher use.       

6th forms and colleges

Pre-driver and pedestrian safety courses.

Children's centres

The team aim to visit all Childrens Centre's twice a year to speak with parents and children.

Youth groups

Resources and advice is available for leaders.

Adult groups

The team have publicity resources and facilitate bespoke presentations for adult groups. These range from in-car safety talks through to mature drivers sessions.



The Team manage the Bikeability training scheme. This is operated by S2S, our training provider, and is available for Year 6 pupils at all schools throughout the borough.


To equip children with skills for now and the future we provide training for Year 1 pupils at school.


The team support national and local campaigns to reinforce messages around speeding, drink driving and mobile phone use.