3. Road markings

Road markings are an important part of the highway and provide important information to road users.

Request new or refreshed road markings

Parking and loading restrictions

Yellow lines are provided where there is a need to remove parking to:

  • help traffic flow
  • help reduce danger
  • and prevent road obstructions.

We use two types of yellow lines within Oldham:

  • Double yellow lines prevent parking at all times
  • A Single yellow line restricts parking at certain times. Signs are placed on the highway to advise which times parking is restricted

Loading restrictions are sometimes introduced in conjunction with double and single lines and are indicated by yellow kerb markings. Loading restriction times are displayed on a sign near the markings.

Some parking restrictions are indicated by a box marking, together with a sign advising what those restrictions are and at what times they are in force (where appropriate). Where needed additional road markings are also provided on the road. Some common examples of these types of markings are:

  • Limited waiting (e.g. Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm) No return within one hour
  • Disabled parking bay
  • Residents’ only parking
  • Taxi rank

Other types of road markings:

  • Directional arrows
  • Lane markings
  • Yellow box junctions
  • Stop / Give Way lines

Further information about road markings and traffic signs can found in “Know your Traffic Signs” which can be downloaded free of charge from the government website at the following link: