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When your child leaves school, they may go into further education, training or employment.

From around 14 years old, schools must help children prepare for these choices. If the child has special education needs or a disability, the school will invite the relevant people to an annual review, and give the child and parents information and a list of actions to review in future meetings.

Positive steps

The school will usually involve Positive Steps: a service that supports young people with careers guidance and a smooth transition to adulthood and working life.

Contact your school about speaking to a Positive Steps Careers Advisor.

Positive Steps also supports young people after school when they're 16 to 18, or between 19 and 25 if they have an Education Healthcare Plan (EHCP) .  

From child to adult services

If a child is getting support from the council's children’s services, they will usually automatically change to adult services before their 18th birthday. Our 'transitions support teams' help with this.

Transition support

If the child and the family have not been supported by children’s services, contact the transitions team about getting support from adult services. Phone: 0161 770 7777.