Avoid a local lockdown

Do not make visits to other people's homes or gardens. Restrictions on care home visiting are not being relaxed. Those who are shielding should continue to take extra care.

Latest information and advice

Independent Mental Health Act Advocacy services are an additional safeguard for patients who are subject to the Mental Health Act.

This service does not replace other advocacy services available to patients but will work in conjunction with them.

An advocate can help you access to information about your rights, voice your thoughts and opinions on your behalf and ensure you are being heard.

Advocacy is about having somebody to help you be heard, it is about having a greater say in decisions being made about you and your care and treatment.

Independent Mental Health Act advocates are specialist advocates who are trained to work within the framework of the Mental Health Act.


If you need the support of an Independent Mental Health Act Advocate you may self-refer or can be referred by anyone working with you.

The Independent Mental Health Act Advocacy service for Oldham Council and NHS Oldham is delivered by Cloverleaf Oldham Advocacy Service.