Overview | The whole school and college approach to emotional health and mental wellbeing | Oldham Council

2. Overview

The Mental Health in Education Team works to embed the Whole School and College Approach to Emotional Health and Mental Wellbeing throughout Oldham.

 We are supporting schools to tackle mental wellbeing with a more holistic approach, helping to embed universal support for all pupils and all staff.

Each school has an allocated advisor, who can work with you to address your settings individual needs and enable you to drive forward the framework.

This may be through consultation, curriculum planning support, or training.

The team works in collaboration with key stakeholders to ensure that there is a consistent approach to Mental Health in schools and across the health sector.

This also includes working closely with Mental Health Support Teams which are now embedded across some Oldham schools, with the view to continue to roll these teams out to more schools over the upcoming years.

The team offers bespoke support, based on the needs of your school and college, which is identified through the setting’s own self-assessments.

Core Training Offer

Please note that all training can be adapted to best suit the needs of your setting, including bringing in issues relating to the current climate