All members of the Council receive a Basic Allowance of £10,922 per year.

In addition to the Basic Allowance, some positions receive Special Responsibility Allowances or other Allowances (see following table).

Members are entitled to the following allowances

Member Allowances, November 2023-24



All Members of the Council


Leader (This includes the Combined Authority Element)


Deputy Leader


Leader of Main Opposition


Deputy Main Opposition Leader


Executive Members


Chairs of:



Children and Young People Scrutiny Board

Adult Social Care and Health Scrutiny Board

Place, Economic Growth and Environment Scrutiny Board

Governance, Strategy and Resources Scrutiny Board 

Health and Wellbeing Board

Oldham Care and Support Company









Deputy Executive Member


District Leads:


Appointed Deputy District lead


Minority Opposition Group Leader (provided the group has 6 members)


GM Transport Committee


Co-opted/Independent Members of Audit and Standards Committee


GM Scrutiny Panel Member


Substitute members

(variable for every meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and task and finish Group attended)






Chair of Audit Committee


Chair of Standards Committee


Refreshment Allowance £8 Lunch and £14 Evening meal


0.45p per mile for first 10,000 miles, outside the borough, per annum and a rate of 0.25p per mile over 10,000 miles

Mayoral Allowance


Deputy Mayoral Allowance


Dependants Carer’s Allowance

The Dependants Carers Allowance is paid in respect of expenses necessarily incurred in arranging for the care of children or dependants to allow:-

a) The attendance at a meeting of the Council, Cabinet, Committees or Sub-Committees or of any other body to which the Council makes appointments or nominations or any other committee or sub-committee of such body.

b) The attendance at any other meeting, the holding of which is authorised by the Council, a Committee, a sub-committee or a joint committee provided that it is a meeting to which at least two political groups have been invited.

c) The attendance at a meeting of any association of authorities of which the Council is a member.

d) The performance of any duty in connection with the discharge of any function of the Council conferred by or under any enactment and empowering or requiring the Council to inspect or authorise inspection of premises.

e) The carrying out of any other duty approved by the Council or the Chief Executive for the purpose of or in connection with the discharge of the functions of the Council or any of its committees or sub-committees including attendance on a training development course for the purpose of fulfilling the duties of an elected member.

A dependant is defined as someone who is living with a member and is:-

  • A child aged 15 or under -An elderly relative requiring full-time care Appendix 1 Scheme of Members Allowances
  • A relative with disabilities who requires full-time care
  • A member claiming the allowance shall provide medical or social work or other evidence that care is required for the purpose of the audit as requested.  

The allowance shall not be payable in respect of care provided by a member of the councillor’s immediate family or household. The Carer’s Allowance will be capped at a maximum of ten hours in any week and the hourly rate will be the National Living Wage hourly rate. Hours may be calculated from the time of leaving home to the time of returning home following attendance on Council business as detailed above.

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