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The "My Account” system will be undergoing routine maintenance on Thursday 24 May between 7am and 5pm. This means that some services will be unavailable during this time.

Affected services

All members of the Council receive a Basic Allowance of £9,332 per year.

In addition to the Basic Allowance some positions receive Special Responsibility Allowances or other Allowances (see table below).

Each stated member receives the amount shown - it is not split between recipients unless stated.

Member Allowances - May 2017

Position Member Amount
Basic Allowance All Elected Members £9,332
Amounts shown are payments related to Special Responsibility Allowances

Leader and Cabinet Member for Economy & Enterprise

Combined Authority Payment (Leader)

Cllr J Stretton



Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance and HR Cllr A Jabbar £19,597
Main Opposition Leader and Shadow Cabinet Member for Economy and Enterprise Cllr H Sykes £13,998
Deputy Opposition Leader and Shadow Cabinet Member for Finance and HR Cllr J McCann £5,599
Executive Members (Cabinet):
Education and Early Years Cllr A Chadderton £16,797
Employment and Skills Cllr S Akhtar  
Social Care and Safeguarding Cllr J Harrison  
Health and Wellbeing Cllr E Moores  
Neighbourhoods and Co-operatives Cllr B Brownridge  
Environmental Services Cllr F Hussain  
Deputy Executive Members (Cabinet):
Economy and Enterprise Cllr F Haque £6,999
Education and Early Years Cllr H Roberts  
Employment and Skills Cllr P Jacques  
Social Care and Safeguarding Cllr G Alexander  
Health and Wellbeing Cllr V Price  
Neighbourhoods and Co-operatives Cllr C Ball  
Environmental Services Cllr S Mushtaq  
Finance and HR Cllr A Ur-Rehman  
Chairs of :
Licensing Cllr N Briggs £8,399
Planning Cllr S Bashforth  
Health and Wellbeing Cllr S Dearden  
Overview and Scrutiny Board Cllr C McLaren  
Performance and Value for Money Cllr J Wrigglesworth  
Standards Committee Cllr S Williams £653
District Executive Chairs:
Chadderton Cllr G Shuttleworth £5,880
Royton Cllr J Larkin £5,039
Saddleworth and Lees Cllr A Alexander £5,880
Failsworth and Hollinwood Cllr E Garry £5,880
Shaw and Crompton Cllr D Williamson £5,039
Oldham East Cllr R Ahmad £6,719
Oldham West Cllr Y Toor £5,880
Shadow Executive Members:
Social Care and Safeguarding Cllr D Murphy £2,799
Environmental Services Cllr J Turner  
Education and Early Years Cllr C Gloster  
Health and Wellbeing Cllr G Harkness  
Education and Skills Cllr D Heffernan  
Shadow Executive Member:
Neighbourhoods and Co-operatives Cllr D Williamson N/A
Waste Disposal Authority Cllr S Hewitt £2,190
  Cllr C Brock  
Transport for Greater Manchester Cllr M Ali  
  Cllr C Goodwin £3,989
  Cllr H Sykes  
Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service Vacant £3,825
Greater Manchester Pension Fund Cllr A Jabbar £1,366
Oldham Care and Support Chair Cllr Z Chauhan £8,399
Oldham Unity Partnership Chair Cllr P Dean £8,399
Peak District NP Cllr C McLaren £1,698
Mayoral Allowance Cllr S Qumer £14,641
Deputy Mayoral Allowance Cllr J Iqbal £2,876

Refreshment allowance

Subsistence when absent from normal place of residence:

  • Breakfast £7
  • Lunch £8
  • Evening Meal £14


45p per mile for first 10,000 miles, outside the borough, per annum and a rate of 25p per mile over 10,000 miles.

Carer's Allowance

The Council will make payments for the reimbursement of the care of dependent relatives living with acouncillor.

A dependent relative is defined as:

  • Children under the age of 15 years
  • Elderly relatives requiring full-time care
  • Relatives with disabilities who require full-time care.

Councillors claiming the allowance shall provide medical or social work or other evidence that care is required for the purposes of audit as requested.

The allowance shall not be payable in respect of care provided by a member of the Councillor's immediatefamily or household.

The Carer's Allowance may be paid to Councillors undertaking the following duties:

Attendance at a meeting of the Authority, a Committee or sub-committee of the Authority, any body towhich the council has nominated him/her as the Council's representative

  • Any meeting to which Members of more than one political group have been invited
  • Attendance on a training development course for the purpose of fulfilling the duties of an ElectedMember of the Authority.

Carer's Allowance will be capped at a maximum of ten hours in any week.

The hourly rate is £5.80 giving a maximum claim per week of £58.00.

Hours may be calculated from the time of leaving home to the time of returning home followingattendance on Council business as detailed above.

Should a member wish to appeal should a claim be refused this will be referred to the StandardsCommittee for decision.

Councillors' expenses, May 2016 - May 2017



Name Amount
Cllr R Ahmad Nil
Cllr S Akhtar Nil
Cllr A Alexander Nil
Cllr G Alexander Nil
Cllr M Ali Nil
Cllr B Ames Nil
Cllr M A Azad Nil
Cllr C Ball Nil
Cllr M Bashforth Nil
Cllr S Bashforth Nil
Cllr W Bates Nil
Cllr R Blyth Nil
Cllr N Briggs Nil
Cllr B Brownridge Nil
Cllr A Chadderton Nil
Cllr Z Chauhan Nil
Cllr A Cosgrove Nil
Cllr D Dawson Nil
Cllr P Dean Nil
Cllr S Dearden Nil
Cllr S Fielding Nil
Cllr E Garry Nil
Cllr C Gloster Nil
Cllr F Haque Nil
Cllr G Harkness Nil
Cllr J Harrison Nil
Cllr D Heffernan £40
Cllr D Hibbert Nil
Cllr J Hudson Nil
Cllr F Hussain Nil
Cllr J Iqbal Nil
Cllr A Jabbar Nil
Cllr P Jaacques Nil
Cllr B Judge Nil
Cllr N Kirkham Nil
Cllr P Klonowski Nil
Cllr T Larkin Nil
Cllr A Malik Nil
Cllr J McCann Nil
Cllr C McLaren Nil
Cllr J McMahon Nil
Cllr E Moores Nil
Cllr D Murphy Nil
Cllr S Mushtaq Nil
Cllr V Price Nil
Cllr S Qumer Nil
Cllr K Rehman Nil
Cllr H Roberts Nil
Cllr A Salamat Nil
Cllr V Sedgwick Nil
Cllr A Shah Nil
Cllr G Sheldon Nil
Cllr G Shuttleworth Nil
Cllr J Stretton Nil
Cllr H Sykes £214.90
Cllr Y Toor Nil
Cllr J Turner Nil
Cllr A Ur-Rehman Nil
Cllr S Williams Nil
Cllr D Williamson Nil
Cllr J Wrigglesworth Nil