Dial-a-ride & Ring and Ride

Ring and Ride is a door-to-door public transport service for people who find it difficult or impossible to use ordinary buses.

Sixth form & college

Pupils with a Statement of SEN who received transport to school up to year 11 will be entitled to support with transport to sixth form/college if they attend the nearest suitable course.

The Council will determine the type of provision to be made in consultation with the school. All students will be encouraged and supported to become independent travellers wherever possible. The continuing appropriateness of the provision for students with statements will be evaluated at each annual review.

Sixth Form Students who are not covered by the above provision but who have special needs or a medical condition which prevents them from using public transport, can apply for assistance from the Learner Support Fund.

19 - 25 years

Students with SEN aged 19 to 25, who are attending a specialist college funded by the Young Persons Learning Agency (YPLA), will be expected to pay the equivalent of the concessionary fare, and the Council will pay additional costs up to a maximum of £10 per week (£360 per year).

Students may also apply to social services for support.