What is Bloom and Grow?

Bloom and Grow is Oldham’s entry into the Royal Horticultural Society’s annual North-West in Bloom Awards.

However, the RHS campaign is about so much more than flowers and plants, it’s about the whole community working together to improve our towns, neighbourhoods, alleyways, open spaces, gardens, roads and pavements. For more information on the regional campaign, visit www.northwestinbloom.com

The focus of our campaign is to help us all to feel proud of our neighbourhoods and to bring communities together. It aims to support people so they can play a vital role in keeping the borough looking beautiful, clean and attractive to residents and visitors alike.

This year’s theme is Greening Grey Britain but we are incorporating a circus theme to coincide with Circus250, a national campaign celebrating 250 years of circus. 


Why not get involved in this year’s campaign by entering one of our competitions, there’s some great prizes to be won. The theme is Greening Grey Britain, so you need to think of a way to incorporate this into your submissions.

Keep in touch

While we’re doing #ourbit to keep the borough looking competition ready, why not do #yourbit by entering the competitions listed above or let us know what you’ve been doing in your garden or in the borough? You can do this by posting your images on our social media using the hashtag #OldhamBloom18

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