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Ask a question at Full Council

Public questions are taken by Cabinet Members for 30 minutes during a Full Council meeting. Questions can be submitted by residents or people who own a business in Oldham.

Contact Constitutional Services if you have a question to ask at a Full Council meeting. Questions must be submitted before 12noon the day before the meeting.

Questions are not accepted if the Monitoring Officer considers the question:

  • Not about a matter where the Local Authority has responsibility, or which affects the borough.
  • Likely to lead to the disclosure of exempt or confidential information.
  • Defamatory, offensive, or factually incorrect.
  • Substantially the same as a question that has been asked at a Council meeting in the past six months.
  • Formed to make a statement rather than to receive information.

Questions from members of the public are taken in the order received. Multiple questions by the same member of the public will only be considered after questions are submitted individually, and then in the order of all second questions submitted, then all third questions submitted, and so on.

The Mayor will advise of the name of a questioner and will either read out the question or ask for the question to be read out to the Council. The relevant Cabinet Member or their Deputy will respond within a two-minute allotted time slot.

Ask a question at other committees and meetings

Contact Constitutional Services if you have a question to ask at other committees and meetings.

Questions must be submitted before 12noon 3 working days before the meeting.

Watch meetings

Council meetings are streamed live online.

You can also watch recordings of past meetings.

Upcoming meetings

Find out when the next meeting is scheduled.

Deadlines for submitting your questions will be published in the lead up to meetings.