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Some My Account services will be unavailable until 5 March, while we calculate the annual Council Tax bills and Housing Benefit awards for 2024/25. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Further information

We know that to build a healthy and prosperous Oldham we need a healthy environment. We are committed to identifying and tackling the environmental impacts of operations and services, and influencing others to do the same, prioritising areas where we can make the most impact. This is about more than one-off actions; it’s about ensuring we have an environment that allows us, our children and our grandchildren to prosper.

Environmental Management System

Oldham Council maintains an internally-audited environmental management system that works towards the ISO 14001 standard.

This system ensures that Oldham Council demonstrates:

  • A full understanding of how its activities can affect the environment
  • Environmental policy and objectives to reduce our impact on the environment
  • Procedures and controls to help it achieve environmental objectives