Environmental Policy

Oldham Council aims to be one of the greenest local authorities in the country and is committed to protecting and improving our environment.


Oldham Council has obtained the internationally recognised standard ISO14001 for its Environmental Management System.

To achieve this standard, Oldham Council has demonstrated:

  • A full understanding of how its activities can affect the environment
  • Environmental policy and objectives will reduce our impact on the environment
  • Procedures and controls to help it achieve environmental objectives

Corporate objectives

There are three corporate objectives that underpin the delivery of the ambition.

They are:

  • A productive place where business and enterprise thrive
  • Confident communities where everyone does their bit
  • A co-operative council delivering good value services to support a co-operative borough

As with any large organisation, Oldham Council can manage its activities to improve environmental performance. As a central community leader the council is also in a unique position to influence partners to improve their environmental performance.

Putting policy into practice

Oldham Council will continue to achieve its environmental policy aims through environmental management and sustainable practices:

Environmental management

  • Developing, implementing and maintaining our Environmental Management System to ISO 14001 certification.
  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation as a minimum and exceed requirements where possible.
  • Controlling activities to reduce our negative environmental impacts, preventing pollution, and demonstrating continual improvement, whilst maximising our positive environmental impacts.
  • Raising and maintaining the awareness and understanding of the Environmental Policy and work programmes for all staff.

Sustainable practices

  • Environmental regeneration: Conserving, enhancing and as appropriate, restoring priority habitats for wildlife consistent with Biodiversity Action Plans for Oldham Borough and the Peak District National Park.
  • Resource Use and addressing Climate Change: Minimising resource consumption across Council operations (including energy and water) and progressing the use and generation of renewable energy.
  • Sustainable Design and Construction: Designing and constructing new schools and Council buildings to incorporate sustainable design and construction techniques, and utilising our influence in other construction projects in the Borough to follow these practices.
  • Sustainable Procurement: Developing our purchasing practices to increase the sustainability of Oldham Council’s procurement with regard to services, quantities, product types and whole life impacts.
  • Travel Planning: Minimising the environmental impacts of Council and employee travel by encouraging the use of sustainable alternatives to the car for journeys to, from and whilst at, work.
  • Waste Management and Recycling: Reducing waste generation across Council operations, reusing where appropriate, and implement recycling along with strategies to reduce waste volume.
  • Work in Partnership: Working with key partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors to ensure major strategies and plans are shaped and influenced by the whole community.
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