The emergency services will coordinate the initial response to an incident, however in the latter stages Oldham Council will coordinate the recovery and return to normality, whilst coordinating the assistance of the voluntary organisations.

The Council’s resources necessary to manage an incident will be depend on its extent and nature.

Resources may include:

  • road closures and diversions
  • repairs to roads and property
  • pollution control
  • temporary accommodation and catering
  • welfare services
  • clean up and restoration
  • public information and advice
  • health and safety issues
  • transport
  • plant and equipment
  • maps
  • interpretation
  • counselling
  • temporary mortuary and provisions
  • environmental health services
  • emergency clothing
  • emergency lighting
  • building inspection
  • drainage and plumbing
  • provision of sandbags
  • public advice line

Integrated Emergency Management

Incidents vary by their nature and their effects; therefore the response to any such incident will be a combined and co-ordinated response - Integrated Emergency Management.

The key principles of Integrated Emergency Management are:


Emergency planning involves assessing risks of potential threats or hazards (explosions, chemical spills, flooding, fire, terrorism).


Certain kinds of activity carry known risks and are subject to legal requirements for adopting prevention measures (such as chemical/gas sites).


Preparation involves planning, training and exercising, by and with, all emergency organisations.


The initial response is normally provided by the statutory emergency services supported as necessary by the appropriate local authorities and other organisations involved including voluntary services.


The recovery will encompass those activities necessary to provide a rapid return to normality.

The common objectives of an integrated response are to:

  • save life
  • prevent escalation
  • relieve suffering
  • safeguard the environment
  • protect property
  • enable investigation and enquiries
  • inform the public
  • facilitate subsequent recovery
  • restore normality

The Civil Contingencies Act

Local Authority emergency planning responsibilities are carried out in accordance with a variety of statutory requirements and legislation.