Arrival details

The Mayor will arrive at the time requested by the organiser, and must be met by the event organiser or host.

The Mayor will then be introduced to the people attending and escorted to the correct location.

Seating arrangements

If the Mayor is not presiding, his or her seat should be on the presiding person’s right.  The Mayor’s Mayoress/Consort should be placed to his or her right. The Youth Mayor should be seated to the right of the Mayoress/Consort.

If the Mayoress/Consort attends without the Mayor, his or her seat should be on the presiding person’s right.

Modes of address

In writing/print

  • The Worshipful the Mayor (and Mayoress/Consort) of Oldham.
  • Youth Mayor

In conversation

  • Mr Mayor, or in the case of a female Mayor, Madam Mayor
  • Madam Mayoress or Mayoress
  • Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms followed by name for Consort
  • Youth Mayor


The Mayor takes precedence at all functions he or she attends, the only exception being when the Lord Lieutenant or a member of the Royal Family is present.


If the Mayor is required to speak at any function, agreement should be sought from the Mayor’s office at the time of booking.

At least 2 weeks prior to the engagement, information required for the speech should be sent through to the Mayor’s office.

Information is preferred in short, clear paragraphs and should include:

  • Particulars of the history, activities and progress of the organisation
  • Other details the organiser may wish the Mayor to refer to
  • The names of any persons the organiser would like to be referenced

Event information

Please provide information about the event, organisation and the order of the proceedings at the time of booking.