2. Instructions

Before the visit

  • All contaminated food sources should be disposed of out of the property including stored product foods like onions etc
  • Store food in plastic sealable containers, or fridges where possible.
  • Vacuum all carpets and hard surfaces and empty into bins outside.

After the visit

  • We will ask you to leave the property during treatment, and not return until the property is completely dry.
  • If a wet treatment has been used, do not vacuum for 14 days after treatment, as this will remove the insecticide on carpets and floor coverings
  • Only bring pets back to the property once treated (if required) or when surfaces are dry.
  • Clean up any dead cockroaches on surfaces and floors and dispose of in bins outside, to allow infestation to be monitored on follow up visits.
  • Watch for re-infestations and clean all sufaces with a suitable anti-bacterial disinfectant daily.
  • Check bathrooms - right at the back of bathroom cabinets, behind sinks, baths and toilets, anywhere they can hide in sheltered dark spaces.
  • Check kitchens - look in cupboards and cabinets, under sinks and behind dishwashers. Sometimes cockroaches can be found in the upper inside corner of cupboards, hanging upside down out of sight.
  • Check laundry rooms - cupboards under sinks, where plumbing enters through walls or floors leading to washing machines and tumble dryers. Also check warm areas near the motors at the back of washers and dryers.
  • Check basements - search along the base and corner joints of walls in cellars for any gaps cockroaches could squeeze through. Cockroaches will hide in and eat cardboard and newspapers, so check boxes and piles of paper stored for long periods of time.


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